Ukraine Student Visa: Step By Step Procedure 2020

Why Ukraine?

Studying in Ukraine has excellent reviews with the application process being less cumbersome and understandable.

Below are some reasons why you should study in Ukraine

Affordable Education: Among the countries in Eastern Europe, it is cheaper to study in Ukraine.

You don’t need to write any exams like UTME or TOFEL to study in Ukraine.

There’s a high chance of getting a resident permit or an extended stay in Ukraine after completing your studies.

Considering the available courses, most courses are taught in English to break the language barrier.
Well paid lecturers.

Reasons why vast majority of students apply for Ukraine Universities may include:
Quality assured education
Good job prospects
Outstanding international faculties
cheap tuition
Europe life standard
World recognition, e.t.c.

But the most exciting and astounding benefit is that you have a guaranteed VISA. However, only students who have received an International Student’s Invitation letter to study in Ukraine are eligible to apply to attain their VISA.

Ukraine Facts

Capital: Kyiv (kiev)
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, German, and English.
Population: Over 50 million
Territory: 603, 700 sq. Km
Currency: National currency is Hryvnia (UAH). 1 USD = 25 Hryvnia.

Programs offered at Ukrainian Universities

Ukrainian universities offer Bachelor degree programs of 4 years, and Masters degree programs of 1½ or two years for Masters in the following courses;

  • Medical courses
  • Computer science
  • Nursing courses
  • Economics courses
  • Civil Aviation courses
  • Engineering courses
  • MBA and Ph.D. programs.

Steps in obtaining a Ukraine student Visa 2020

Step 1:Students who have received the invitation letter for study should apply for long-term VISA type “D” to the Ukrainian embassy in his/her country. To obtain an invitation letter, you have to meet the eligibility criteria for the specific course you are applying for.

All undergraduate applicants must have at least five (5) credit passes in all subjects related to the desired course of study. The invitation letter is a major document for getting a student VISA for Ukraine. It must contain applicants name, passport number, date of birth as well as the course name and universities to which you have applied.

Students are therefore requested to produce the following documents upon application;
VISA Application form: Visa application form must be filled and printed out.

Three photographs (3×4cm): The three photographs must be recent color pictures against a white background.

Original invitation letter sent to you by express post
Medical health certificate: Medical certificates should be of general fitness from a hospital recognized and approved by the embassy issued at least two months before resumption.

HIV/AIDS Results.

Certificate of completed Higher Secondary Education: Original if school leaving certificate of secondary school records must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country.

Sponsorship letter (if any) in the form of a court affidavit, which must include a few personal information of a sponsor, sponsor’s full name, his/ her address, landline, and mobile telephone number, email, signature.

Sponsor’s ID: A copy of the sponsor’s identification card or international passport is required.

Sponsor’s bank statement: A bank statement of the sponsor’s account is needed. The bank statement must show that the account contains enough money for tuition and living expenses for the first year of study.

Travel insurance: Evidence of a valid health insurance policy is required.

N/B: Getting a VISA may be difficult most times as a result of factors which may include; age, previous immigration records, social ties and economic ties. You would have to discuss with a consultant to overcome the challenges.

Documents for Masters, Postgraduate course or Ph.D. students.

2 authentic copies of Diploma or degree certificate. 2 translated copies of the diploma or degree certificates in Russian or Ukraine languages and certified by a notary from the Ukrainian embassy in your country to carry out necessary procedures.

Mark sheets of studied subjects of all academic years. Two notarized copies of the Mark sheets, two translated copies of the Mark sheets in Russian or Ukrainian languages, and certified by a notary from the Ukrainian in your country to carry on with the necessary procedures.

STEP 2: Documents which includes:
Birth certificate
School leaving certificate
Transcript/School results
Bachelor degree diploma
Medical certificate.

Should be translated Into Ukrainian or Russian languages from the ministry of foreign affairs of your country before applying to the embassy where applicable. The minimum processing time is between 1 to 15 days.

STEP 3: Preparation for VISA interview.
After submitting the necessary documents, prospective students should prepare correctly to be interviewed. During the VISA interview, students should be able to consiously and clealy express their intentions on coming to Ukraine for study.

Frequently asked interview questions;
Where are you going to study?
Where is the school located?
Will you be taking original documents to Ukraine?
Do you have school fees and living expenses?
After your course study duration is over, will you stay in Ukraine?
How long will your study last in Ukraine?
Featured Questions and Answers
How much is Ukraine Students VISA?.

It costs a non refundable fee of 175 USD. Of course not all applications for the type “D” VISA is granted. Other non fees are; legalization fees and translation fees.

How to get the Ukraine students VISA application form?

To apply for the Ukraine students VISA, applicants will need to fill a VISA application form. It can be acquired bat embassies or filled online and print out for submission.

Ukraine student VISA processing time?

The average processing time is between 1 to 15 days. Urgent VISA processing attracts up to double the amount of the usual VISA fee.

If your request for long-term VISA, type “D”is turned down due to reasons stated in the letter of refusal, you can lodge an appeal. Lodging an appeal is absolutely free. All you have to do is to write a letter of appeal within one month of receiving the letter of refusal.

Endeavor to address the issues specified in the letter of refusal and attach some necessary documents if needed. After your appeal has been received and assessed, a decision will be made.

Note: lodging an appeal will not guarantee the approval of your application for a Ukraine student VISA.

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