These 4 Apps Will Help Keep your Kids Meaningfully Occupied While They Are Home

Working frоm home сеrtаinlу hаѕ its perks аnd itѕ сhаllеngеѕ. Onе оf thе nutѕ to crack iѕ hоw to kеер the kidѕ mеаningfullу оссuрiеd whilе раrеntѕ strive to remain gаinfullу employed.

I have explored some available children’s apps and selected 4 out of them. These apps will provide proper entertainment as well as ensure your kids are not exposed to absurd and improper content that will affect them adversely.

While children are not in school, ensuring that they continue learning is a top priority. Some of the following children’s apps will help to ensure that.

This cute little app comes with puzzles, games, books, songs and others exciting resources. It is suitable for children under 8 years old. Your child is bound to learn while having loads of fun with this app.

The app is subscription-based and is available for android and iOS. But here is the clincher, you have thirty days free and can choose to stop using it afterwards.

You can download it here.

KidsAcademy children’s app
This is another snug option to balance learning for your kids without a physical teacher. The child simply spins a wheel on the app to select any subject to learn on.

An introductory video plays for a while, with a pre-recorded teacher narrating what the topic is in a playful manner so that the kids feel they are in a conversation and are about to learn something.

It also has thirty days free trial and you can download it here.

Truth or Dare Kids
If you have more than one kid at home, and they want to take a break from online learning or other serious activities, a game of truth or dare might be in order.

More than one user can play the game and take turns answering questions about the other person. According to a user, “it gives me and my sisters something to do… download if you like truth or dare and if you want to find an appropriate game or something to do”.

You can download it here

Youtube Kids
Okay… this was a bit obvious, right? For good reasons, actually.

Youtube Kids is the go-to place for interesting cartoons, songs and kids graphics. If your ward has not yet watched the legendary ‘Baby Shark’ video by Pink Fong, then you’ve been missing out on something sharky.

Those are the 4 top apps I would recommend to help occupy kids meaningfully this lockdown period. It will help them learn and not get antsy as a result of being cooped up and separated from their friends.

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