The most Exciting Best Plugins for Plex to Install in 2020

Plex is an app that allows you to access and organize your media files and turn them into a personal media server.

Users саn ѕеt up аnd mоdifу Plex on thеir оwn ассоrding to thеir rеԛuirеmеntѕ bу installing different рluginѕ and сhаnnеlѕ. Nоw thе biggest challenge is tо find Bеѕt Pluginѕ for Plеx thаt wоrk withоut аnу kind bugѕ fоr thе nеw Plex vеrѕiоnѕ. Here you are рrоvidеd with the Bеѕt Pluginѕ fоr Plеx list thаt can help you tо set uр уоur Plex ѕеrvеr.

Plex Media Server
To install Plex Media Server, you need to pick a device then install and run it. Those devices are listed below. Just keep reading this article.

A PC, Linux, Mac or FreeBSD computer
Netgear Nighthawk X10
Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019) / Shield TV (2017 / 2015)
Or Network-attached storage devices (NAS)
You can select the device according to your requirement. But there should be a wired network connection between a client device and a server machine. A fast Wi-Fi network (routers and devices) can work too. But make sure you have excellent signal strength.

Plex Media server involves organizing and playing your media, so a rugged device is essential to get the best out of it. If you want to watch a video at a time and you are not going to share a Plex library with other users, then an inexpensive Shield TV or a NAS might do the trick.

When you feel your needs are becoming more demanding, you would be going to run your server on a laptop machine or a desktop.

What are the best Plugins for Plex?
If you are a casual user, you just need to set up Plex, and it will work straight out of the box. But if you have been using Plex for long, you might have noticed missing features and wished for some extra features.

There are hundreds of Best Plugins for Plex tools, and many of them are absolute must-haves. These third-party tools can turn you to a power user, just keep reading.

Tautulli is formerly known as PlexPy. It is an essential tool for anyone who shares their Plex media with other people.

Best Plugins for Plex
Best Plugins for Plex consists of Web tools and UAS. Web tools are a collection of tools that helps to set up your Plex server and manages your whole media collection wherever you are. Best Plugins for Plex has another module named as UAS- the Unsupported App Store.

UAS helps to find, download, and install those Best Plugins for Plex that Plex does not offer anymore. It gives you access to the new plugin’s host, and you will come to know that many will be unstable or unfinished. So before choosing, be careful about what you are going to like.

This Plex Plugin helps to monitor the Plex server, such as watch history, graphs, and charts related to streaming trends, library breakdown statistics, and a real-time overview of who is watching. Tautulli keeps track when someone adds content to the server. You can create newsletters about new media and can set up for notifications.

Tautulli supports the Python and is currently in beta for Android remote, so this plugin will not work for Android users right now. This plugin is one of the best Plugins for Plex and is updated and maintained regularly.

Web Tools
This plugin is the most commonly used Plex add on.

Web Tool includes the Unsupported Appstore that consists of a host of unofficial Best Plugins for Plex and user-generated content, s subtitle management module, logging tools, a playlist management module, and a tool that scan for missing or unmatched media.

Plex2Netflix offers an easy way to see the existing library available on the popular streaming service.

It is useful when you want to delete some content due to short of space. Plex2Netflix is also useful when you have to spend time downloading a new show.

The add-on will always tell you the percentage of the show that is available for each library item. For example, you have five series of your favorite comedy show, but only three series are available on Netflix.

Most of the networks broadcast their shows via IPTV (xTeVe and TellyTV ) around the world. With the Plex IPTV plugin, you can get those feeds assuming they are not geo-blocked or encrypted.

This app supports on-screen program guides, custom, and channel logos and channel categories. Make sure to check the add-on’s wiki if you have never used IPTV before because it consists of all the information that you need to get started.

Users will be happy to know that the Sub-Zero is among the fully-functional best Plugins for Plex. It automatically downloads the subtitles for movies you stream, TV shows. It covers most of the best subtitle sites such as Addic7ed, Podnapisi.NET, OpenSubtitles, SubScene, and many others.

With loading subtitles, Sub-Zero will let you adjust them with a built-in schedule and very own interface.

Ombi allows you to share Plex media with other users and provides a way to download and upload requests. It is a self-hosted app that sets up you with a web portal so that users can easily send a request to the content they wish to access.

In this way, you can see all the requests on the Ombi web portal and can easily handle requests one by one when you find the time. On the other hand, users will be notified when the content is available via email.

Kitana became a famous plugin for media player apps when the Plex decided to remove plugin support from the frontend of its server and media player apps.

At present, users can sideload the best Plugins for Plex, and it is not a beginner’s friend. But Kitana solves this problem with a web-based interface so that users can easily manage, install, and delete best Plugins for Plex. It helps to automate the sideloading process.

Make sure that Kitana will only work when sideloading is supported via Plex. Otherwise, it will not work anymore.
Most of the users will be familiar with Trakt. It is a popular plugin that keeps track of all TV shows and movies. It enables you to continue from where you left off. You can easily download and install it.

The only problem you would have with this plugin is that multiple users watching the same content, and there is no way to keep the progress separated. Because you cannot make multiple user accounts.

You will need to have a paid PlexPass to get Tautulli2Trakt script, which lets users create separate user accounts.

How to Install the best Plugins for Plex?
As we already know, best Plugins for Plex are Plex add-ons that allow you to play your favorite TV shows, movies, and documentaries. So here, we will look forward to how to install Plex Plugin.

This article will guide you on how to install plugins called channels in the Plex Media Server.

There are two types of the best Plugins for Plex, supported and unsupported. Both of these channels are easy to install. But the unsupported channel is a bit more of a manual process.

How to install Supported Channels
First, open your Plex Media Server.
To install an official channel, select Channels from the Online Content section of the Plex navigation column.

Now click the Install Channel option.

After this, you will be at Channel Directory. You can choose the category to find your new channels.
When you find your desired one, click on it.

Then click the Install button.

You may not be able to use the channel from the Plex Server interface, depending on the channel you have installed. Click the Browse option.

You may not be able to use the channel from the Plex Server interface, depending on the channel you have installed. Click the Browse option.

Or you will see an error message saying, “The channel is not responding.”

Have no fear. Just open one of your Plex Apps Android, IOS, and Xbox, etc. now navigate the Channels section, and you will see the newly installed channel there.

All the channels may not work with all Apps, and it takes a lot of time to find which will work in each app. A supported channel can work in more Plex Apps than an unsupported app.

How to Install Unsupported Channels (Windows)
The Unsupported channels are different from the supported ones, so there is another way to install the unsupported channel.

Here are the steps to install unsupported channels in Plex for Windows.

First, make sure Plex is running in your system.

Now right click on Plex icon and choose Open Plugins Folder.

A window will appear and display the Plugins for the Plex folder. This file is probably named as Services.bundle.

Now copy-paste the file to this folder. Note that Plex channels will end at .bundle, but if you get the .zip file, make sure to unzip it.

It will take a few seconds to install the new channel in Plex. Once the channel is installed, open the Channel section of Plex, and you will see the new channel right there.

How to Install Unsupported Channels (macOS)
Unsupported channels are created independently by its developers around the world. Here are the steps to install unsupported channels in Plex for macOS

The first step is to make sure you have the Plugin file. Most of the data are distributed as .zip, so you need to unzip it first.

From the top menu bar, open a Finder window and choose Go to a folder.

Now paste the link in this line of text and click go.

After this, a finder window will open the best Plugins for Plex folder, which contains Services .bundle file.

Now paste the Plugin file to this folder.

Wait for few minutes and launch Plex. Select Channels from the Online Content section of the Plex navigation column.

All is done! Now you will have a new channel installed.

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