The Kingship of UX in the tech space

When it comes to designing a digital product, service or system there are many things to consider, like the solution, the niche, the regulators involved, the marketability, the innovative power and of course the users, User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX), but of all these, the UX is king.
It’s Not About ‘U’

Cоntrаrу tо whаt a single glаnсе аt thе ‘UX’ асrоnуm might imрlу, the U in UX dоеѕn’t ѕtаnd fоr ‘You’.

A Design Director, Jeremy Nigh, puts it this way, “All too often I have designed on an island by making assumptions based on what I think an end-user needs, crafting pixel-perfect mockups based on my assumptions. I’ve learned that the ‘U’ in UX does not stand for ‘you’! It’s all about the user, so getting outside of my head and engaging with the user is an important step in the design process.”

The best businesses are customer-centric and you are not your customer, you are not your target audience and you are definitely not your targeted User.

Building a product based on an assumed knowledge is risky and puts you on an Island void of the hard, true, data which enables you to design relevant useful products for the most important part of your business; your customer.

Talking about building a digital bank, the Chief Information Officer, Equitable Bank, Dan Dickinson, shares, “We designed the user experience first, then we worked backwards… if you don’t start from the user experience, then you have NO chance to end up at the right place.”

Follow the trend

There is a trend with disruptive innovations; they give power to the users. The fintechs get the customers to ‘bank’ whenever they want, however they want it. The eHealth solutions focus on making it easier for the masses to get access to great health facilities.

Our smartphones mean we didn’t have to sit in front of a computer to get to the internet, we could do that wherever we have an internet connection available.

The Podcast means you get to listen to your favourite shows whenever you like and not wait for or miss it at a particular time on the radio.

The trend of technology has always been to make things easier for the customer, helping them save time or money or both. That makes the User the most important aspect to consider.

Masooma Memon shares the 16 UX Design Principles for newcomers.

Meet the User’s needs
Know where you are in the design process
Have a clearly defined hierarchy for smooth navigation through your design
Keep it Consistent
Understand Accessibility
Context is key
Usability first
Less is more
Use simple language
Typography is powerful
Feedback matters
Confirm before you commit
The user is in control
Design with Personality
Visual grammar
Narrative design

The attention given to the user experience during the design of a product determines its ease-of-use, the familiarity and acceptance. It is indeed King.

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