The Best Nova Launcher Themes And Icon Packs

Android сuѕtоmizаtiоn iѕ the mаin rеаѕоn whу реорlе аrе ѕhifting from iOS to Android. These mоdifiсаtiоnѕ саn rаngе frоm сhаnging thе wallpaper tо the entire ореrаting ѕуѕtеm. Wе hаvе оbѕеrvеd thаt реорlе enjoy trying nеw themes оut оf all сuѕtоmizаtiоn.

To carry out these customizations, Android launchers are the most important, as they change the overall look and feel of your phone.

When we talk about Android launchers, Nova launcher themes and Icon packs are at the top of the list among the best ones. There are many Nova Launcher icon packs available, which means Nova launcher themes and icons packs together.

You will install the icon packs and set up the wallpapers that came in the bundled form with it and change the color scheme of Nova launcher manually.

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How to get Nova launcher themes?
Minimalistic Dark
Black and White
Delta Forest
Squary Matter
Colorful Black
Subtle Nexus
Galaxy S20 Theme
Transparency Dawn
How to restore Nova Launcher backup?
How to Set up Icon packs in Nova launcher themes and icon packs?
If you want to change an icon, you can do by the following steps:
How to use the Nova launcher hide apps feature?
Are Nova Launcher themes and Icon packs are safe to use?
How to get Nova launcher themes?
When you are using Nova Launcher themes and Icon packs, the very first thing to get the Nova launcher theme is to download Nova launcher app from the Play Store. You can purchase the Prime version for extra features and further customization.

If you want to get the Prime version, you have to pay for its fee. This fee is a one-time amount that allows you to unblock various gestures, integrations, and badges.

Here is a list of best Nova launcher icon packs and themes setups that you can use.

Minimalistic Dark

If you are a fan of dark and black themes, you will love this one. It combines black and blue to create a very pleasing look. The theme uses a minimalistic clock widget giving a blue accent to match the theme. The icons are also dark and rounded, that looks just great.

You can also use this theme setup on your phone as I’m sharing their names and links. Note that you have to turn on the night mode inside the Nova Launcher settings to have a dark app drawer.

Wallpaper: Minimal Wallpaper from Minimal Wallpapers app

Widget: Minimal Clock Widget

Icon Pack: Minima Icon Pack

Black and White

This nova launcher theme features a black and white look. The icons are rounded corners and having a black and white finish. The background of the app drawer is also kept black to compliment the overall look of icons. The clock widget used here is also a minimal clock widget but with a white accent.

Wallpaper: Monoic Cloud Wallpaper (inside the icon pack itself)

Widgets: Minimal Clock Widget

Icon: Monoic Icon Pack

Delta Forest

This one is my favorite, and you, too, will definitely like it. It combines the beauty of nature with material style icons that give your phone a very fresh look. The app drawer color is set to blue-grey that looks cool with these material style icons, and the wallpaper is a scene of a forest.

And just look at the clock widget, it looks cool, isn’t it?

Widget: Delta clock widget (inside the icon pack)

Icon Pack: Delta Icon Pack

Wallpaper: Delta forest wallpaper within the icon pack app

Squary Matter

Don’t like the rounded icons? Here is a theme for you having square round icons. All the icons are shaped square in this, and the overall look gives you a blend of blue color in different shades. The wallpaper is a simple blue pattern that goes just right with these icons. The clock widget is also kept blue.

Wallpaper: Squary Matter

Icons: Long Shadow icon pack

Clock Widget: S9 Plus clock widget

Colorful Black

This is a black theme with colorful icons, and it creates an elegant view. This theme looks really classy, and your phone will look great with it. The clock widget used here is a custom widget make by the KWGT app.

Widget: Customized KWGT clock widget

Icon Pack: Glim icon pack

Wallpaper: Inside Glim icon pack

Subtle Nexus

This theme is one of my favorites due to its subtle feel. The icons are not rounded shaped, and they are squared shaped but with rounded edges. The clock widget is a virtual widget available in the KWGT app.

Wallpaper: Wall X – Unique Wallpaper

Widget: A KWGT basic widget

Icons: Nexa Icon Pack

Galaxy S20 Theme

Really like the Galaxy S20 interface? Don’t worry, and you can have the same look and feel for your phone by this theme setup. It used S20 icons and wallpaper, and even the clock widget is inspired by Galaxy flagship phones.

Wallpaper: Galaxy S20 Theme

Icon Pack: Galaxy S20 Theme Icon Pack

Clock Widget: S9 Plus clock widget

Transparency Dawn

This setup looks really great with one of the best nova launcher themes and icon packs transparent icons and the wallpaper showing the beauty of nature. I have set the desktop grid size to 6×6 for this theme. The clock widget is a base pack from the KWGT app.

Wallpaper: Minimal Wallpapers

Widget: Base Pack IKW002 from KWGT app

Desktop Grid: 6 x 6

Icon Pack: Lines Free

The above are the best nova launcher icons and themes, and you will definitely love them when you apply them on your phone.

How to restore Nova Launcher backup?
To restore the Nova Launcher backup carefully, you need to follow the steps listed below.

The first step is to Open Nova Launcher settings by tapping on the home screen.
After this, choose the Backup and Import setting.
Select the Import option.
Tap the Backups.
In the final step, just select browse and then execute it.
How to Set up Icon packs in Nova launcher themes and icon packs?
Are you bored of using the standard icons that come with the Android? Then you should work to change them. Icon packs are ranging from simple sets of few image files to the thousands of high-quality themes.

There exists a large number of Icon packs that you can download from the Google Play Store and use in Nova Launcher. Let’s see how to install and select the Icon pack in Nova Launcher.

Enter a search phrase like Nova Icon Pack, and you will see a list of your searched item in the search results.
You can select the one Icon pack of your choice and install it on your Android device.
When you have installed it, Go to the Nova Settings and tap on Look and Feel.

Click on the Icon Style and select the Icon pack that you have just installed.

You will have a new look for all the icons.

If you want to change an icon, you can do by the following steps:
First, Tap and hold an icon on your home screen. You will see a menu that allows you to have Edited, Remove, and App info options.
Select Edit.

After this, you will see the Edit Shortcut window, now tap the icon, and you will get the list of resources from where you can choose a new icon.

Now from the given list, you can tap the icon you want.

How to use the Nova launcher hide apps feature?
In most of the phones, there is a couple of apps that you don’t use. To most of the launchers, your choices would be simple whether to stick the app in a folder or to disable it. Nova launcher provides you with an option to hide the unwanted apps from the launcher. But the Nova launcher hide app feature is paid.

Here is the step that must be followed to hide unwanted apps.

First, you have to open the App drawer.
Now press and drag the unwanted app that you want to hide up towards the top of the screen.
After this, Drag and drop the app you want to hide on Edit.
Now Uncheck the Apps box to hide it from the drawer.
At last, Tap Done and you are done with it.
Are Nova Launcher themes and Icon packs are safe to use?
Launchers are not harmful, so Nova Launcher themes and icon packs are also safe to use. The Nova themes and Icon packs are about taking the customization to the new attractive level. In this way, this launcher is considered as one of the best in the market.

One of the safest ways to install an app is to search and download the pirated version of it. The Nova Launcher themes and Icon packs are available on the Play Store with a high score and have been installed on many times, but it is only the free version.

There is a paid edition of Nova Launcher known as Nova Launcher Prime. People sometimes might be tempted to get the Paid version for free and putting their confidential data and phone at risk.

To avoid risk, Going to the Play Store is the best option. So that the user can access the reviews and permissions to assure about the launcher is safe to use.

When we talk about the safety measures, the app developers and Google itself determine which permissions are required for a particular app.

All that is left on the user to decide whether to accept the permissions or reject. If you accept these terms and conditions, you will be able to install the app. But it does not mean those permissions are not safe.

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