Techpoint Afriса аnnоunсеѕ раrtnеrѕhiр with Vеnturеburn

Vеnturеburn and Tесhроint Afriса, have аnnоunсеѕ a nеw раrtnеrѕhiр оn content ѕhаring and events.

The due are leading voices in news and information for African tech startups, said the partnership will see them – Nigerian based Techpoint.Africa and South African based Ventureburn – share content and partner together on events and market intelligence reports.

The two will be republishing select articles covering news and insight on the continent’s growing tech startup sector, from each other’s platforms on their respective platforms.

The two also plan to co-operate on surveys, reports and events covering the continent’s tech startup sector.

Founded in 2015 by Adewale Yusuf, Techpoint Africa has grown to become one of the most notable brands across Africa’s tech startup space, through its media, events, data and tech focused platforms.

Ventureburn was founded in 2012 by the later Creative Spark founder Matthew Buckland. In 2018 Buckland spun the publication out of Creative Spark, when he set up the Burn Media Group.

Techpoint has published 9 editions of the Nigerian Startup Funding Report, arguably the most complete source of information on funding activities in Nigeria. The platform’s annual event, Techpoint Build, is the largest gathering of technology stakeholders in West Africa.

This, while Ventureburn has published three editions of the Ventureburn Tech Startup Survey, one of the most comprehensive of its kind covering the South African tech startup sector.

Commenting on the new partnership Techpoint.Africa editor Muyiwa Matuluko said: “The timing could not be more apt. The African tech startup sector is not shielded from the economic effects of the global pandemic. However, there are immense opportunities in collaborations such as ours, and the sector will be the better for it.”

Ventureburn editor Stephen Timm said: “The partnership between the two tech platforms will allow for a more complete coverage by both platforms of Africa’s tech startup sector.”

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