Six must have digital skills to ensure relevance in the digital future

It is obvious that the world runs on the digital economy and the technologies get advanced by the day hence the need for one to equip him or herself for the digital future.

Eсоnоmiеѕ rасе аgаinѕt еасh other аnd only thе prepared will remain rеlеvаnt.

This reality calls for the need to prepare for tomorrow’s advancement today by acquiring relevant digital skills.

There is a search for discoveries in deep technology and with a rise in opportunities for technologies like AI, VR, AR, Crypto and IoT, businesses may wonder which knowledge to invest in and which will keep them relevant in the ever-advancing digital world, tomorrow.

Digital Marketing Institute, has, in an article, listed six skillsets which are expected to retain your business’s or workforce’s relevance in the future; future-proofing your work-force, they called it.

According to this article, these technological understanding would help the workforce grasp the complexity of the digital world and learn new stages of the customer’s journey.

  1. Expert Data Analysis involves knowing how to rightly harness the increasing data recorded. Knowledge of what to do with the data about customers, workforce and processes will help the workforce understand their business more and chart a favourable future for it.

Expert Data Analysis

Expert Data Analysis is broken down into four parts; Descriptive Analysis, Diagnostic Analysis, Predictive Analysis and Prescriptive Analysis. Putting accumulated data to expert use will definitely set you advanced, compared to your peers.

  1. Advanced Social Selling deals with discovering more ways to earn the trust of your audience so they can become loyal customers.

It shows the importance of good content and genuine relationships with the target audience.

Advanced Social Selling

Following Phil Gerbyshank’s advice, “Put relationships first”, we see that connecting with the audience, educating them and offering them value is the first part of the customer journey, before the direct-selling part. Advanced Social Selling gets you closer to your customers.

  1. Mobile Expertise works with the statistics which reveals that Smartphones are used 9% more than desktops when going online.

This percentage is expected to increase with this generation because of the ease of use and this means that for the organizations which refuse to adjust their expertise, they will go steadily extinct as time goes by.

Mobile Expertise

Businesses that want to thrive in the digital age should engage with their audience through mobile-optimized communication strategies which involve the relevance, ease of use and availability of their mobile apps.

  1. Multi-platform UX Design,which focuses on creative different, easy, paths for your audience to reach you is an important skill necessary for businesses which want to remain around in the future.

Multi-platform UX Design

Promoting flexibility and ease, it is simply about ensuring that the UX(user experience) is effortless and easily navigable on different platforms. If your website or app is not easy to navigate, you risk losing the attention of the 79% of internet users who would search for another, less complex, site for what they want.

  1. Network and Information Security is all about ensuring your data and that of your customers and audience is safe. Cybersecurity will continue to be an issue as technological advancement is attained.

The organizations which invest time and money, ensuring that the workforce understands and practices online security will avoid future possible breaches and scandals.

Network and Information Security

Network and Information security knowledge is necessary to practice safety first in the digital world.

  1. Creative Thinking is the bedrock of advancement in every sphere. It is the most important skill to own for the future as it really is the activator of the future.

Having, in 6 out of 10 occupations, 30% of the tasks automatable, creative thinking is about the only thing machines can’t do.

To create and retain relevance in the face of automation, the employee has to be capable of creative thinking. That is the only way the skills of the workforce can transcend what machines may offer.

Creative Thinking

To transform alongside the digital world, the workforce has to be able to understand and foresee the strides which will come about. This would help understand the customers, predict their journey and give them what they need.

This can be done by learning the necessary skills and getting the expertise needed to adapt and evolve with the times.

While the world is changing, Nigeria and indeed Africa can join the advancement by learning these skills as they would not only make them relevant and marketable on a global level in the future, but they could also promote the need for Research and Development, advancing and growing the digital economy of the nation.

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