Paystack Launches ‘Paystack Commerce’ to Help African Businesses Sell Physical and Digital Products Online

Nigerian fintech startup, Paystack has announced the launch of ‘Paystack Commerce’, a combination of free tools to help African brands sell more physical and digital products online.

According to the startup, the new e-commerce tool has a simple, high converting products page called Product Link, which helps businesses create an alluring display of their products to potential customers.

The Commerce toolkit is free and now available to businesses and creators in Nigeria.

Paystack Commerce comes after other Paystack tools creations like Identity Verification, powerful APIs for Collections, Disbursements, and Reporting are used to build disruptive solutions across multiple industries.

Origin of Paystack Commerce
Before now, Paystack’s payments platform had several tools like invoices that help the business perform payments and complete transactions online. However, with the new Paystack commerce toolkit, the fintech is making a significant push into the e-commerce sector.

In a blog post, Paystack’s Head of Growth, Emmanuel Quartey revealed that the startup started making plans to push into e-commerce in 2019. He added that the company hosted several programs like the roundtable with social commerce merchants, Holiday Commerce Bootcamp and the Holiday Gift guide where the company deepened its understanding of the e-commerce market.

During the roundtable, Emmаnuеl explained thеу were аblе tо better understand the nееdѕ of thеir е-соmmеrсе mеrсhаntѕ. Hе аddеd that thе Bооtсаmр rеvеаlеd ѕtrаtеgiеѕ оf maximizing ѕаlеѕ whilе thе Hоlidау gift guide helped thеm lеаrn hоw tо turn Instagram into a nоvеl рор-uр ѕtоrе experience.

Sell more with Product Links
With the new Paystack Commerce toolkit, African brands will have access to a new seller tool called Product links. The tool helps brands create a beautiful page by designing an attractive product detail page with custom background colours, photos, videos, animated GIFs, customized URL and add detailed product descriptions.

Apart from that, businesses will now be able to collect shipping fees for different delivery options and easily collect delivery addresses. Also, they will be able to view and manage their orders and inventory.

Paystack Merchant app
While Paystack Commerce helps businesses sell their products through the product link, the new Paystack Merchant app helps businesses manage their Paystack account from their phone.

Merchants can easily know when they receive orders through Paystack Commerce as the merchant app provides push notifications for new orders. The app also gives them access to the delivery addresses and delivery notes on their phone.

Paystack says merchants can create and start receiving payment from the app in minutes.

Merchants can also manage their financials on the app. They can request online payment from customers with a note, track who has paid, how much is owed and send reminders when payments are delayed.

Apart from financials, it can help with administrative tasks as it can help search for orders and transactions, filter products by price and units sold, mark orders as completed, make refunds to customers and even contact customers via WhatsApp, call, or email.

Paystack’s tools are coming at the right time when the COVID-19 pandemic is driving e-commerce boom and businesses are looking for better tools to sell online.

With its new tools and offerings, Paysatck wants to help businesses find more customers, convince them to buy, nudge them to place larger orders and make them loyal and repeat customers for life.

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