Nilavembu (Chiretta): Benefits, Uѕеѕ and Ingrеdiеntѕ

Nilavembu iѕ a herbal tonic thаt is mаdе from hеrbѕ thаt bооѕt immunity аnd ѕuрроrt оvеrаll bоdу health. This herbal tonic hаѕ been uѕеd in Siddhа medicine ѕinсе timе immemorial and it iѕ соnѕidеrеd tо be the bеѕt rеmеdу fоr fеvеr, headache, bоdу ache аnd fatigue. Can this tоniс рrеvеnt COVID-19? Thе ministry of AYUSH undеr thе Gоvt of Indiа has recommended 60ml оf Nilаvеmbu decoction twiсе a day tо prevent соrоnаviruѕ аnd mаnаgе its ѕуmрtоmѕ.

Benefits of Nilavembu Kashayam

Looking for natural ways to boost immunity? Nilavembu kashayam is a herbal remedy that will do you good. It is a medicinal herb that treats all diseases.  Here are some benefits that this ayurvedic medicine offers.

Nilavembu Kashayam BenefitsDescription
Reduces Risks of Diabetes, Arthritis, Liver Diseases and CancerNilavembu reduces blood sugar levels and is used to treat people suffering from diabetes. It also prevents the growth of cancer cells and detoxifies the liver.
Reduces Risks of all kinds of feverIts rich source of antimicrobial and antiviral properties help manage all kinds of fever including dengue, typhoid, influenza, malaria and chikungunya.
Treats ArthritisIts rich source of anti-inflammatory properties relieves inflammation in joints. It is best recommended for rheumatoid arthritis as it works well managing its symptoms.
Treats Skin ProblemsNelavembu Kashayum plays an important role in purifying blood because of its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Its bitter taste flushes toxins from your blood that helps treat skin problems. It used extensively in managing sin boils and skin eruptions
Good For DigestionKnown for its super digestive capabilities, this herbal tonic reduces the formation of gas, constipation, bloating, ulcers and abdominal pain.
Prevents ulcersIts rich source of anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties play an important role in treating different ulcers such as mouth ulcers, peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis etc.
Reduces risks of heart problemsIts bitter taste protects the heart by strengthening heart muscles, prevents cholesterol build-up, heart blocks, blood clots and manages blood pressure.
Reduces risks of respiratory problemsIt has been a traditional medicinal tonic that aids in good respiratory health. Its high levels of anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic and anti-asthmatic properties play a vital role in curing cold, cough, flu and clears fluid in lungs thus helping you breathe easy.
Natural Immunity boosterThis herbal tonic shields the body from germs and infections and also aids in faster healing of body wounds. It also improves body strength and relieves weakness and fatigue.

Preparation & Dosage To Be Taken

Before knowing the dosage of Nilavembu Kashayam you need to know how to prepare it at home. Here’s how you make it.

How To Prepare At Home?

  • Boil 3 tablespoons (10 grams) of Nilavembu Kashayam herbal powder in 240 ml of water.
  • Strain the concoction.
  • Consume 60ml of it twice every day on an empty stomach
  • Add jaggery or honey to boost taste. (Optional)

Dosage For Diseases

Different diseases have different dosages that can cure the severity of the problem. Here is what you need to know.

  • For Chikungunya:

40ml of Nilavembu Kashayam 2 times every day before meals.

  • For Dengue:

30ml of Nilavembu Kashayam along with 10ml of papaya juice twice every day.

General Dosage for All Ages

*Best Before Meals*

Age GroupDosage
Infant (0 to 12 months)2.5ml to 5ml
1 to 3 years old5 ml
3 to 5 years old5ml to 7.5ml
5 to 12 years old7.5ml to 15 ml
13 to 19 years old15ml to 30ml
Adult (19 to 60 years old)30ml to 60 ml
Pregnant Woman15ml to 30ml *(On doctors prescription)*
Lactating Mother30ml to 60ml *(On doctors prescription)*

NOTE: Make sure you take the following dosage based on a doctor’s prescription. Book a free ayurvedic doctor consultation with Medlife today and know more.


Nilavembu Kashayam has loads of benefits for your body and it has been recommended by the Ministry of AYUSH to prevent COVID and boost immunity. However, here are some asked questions that will give you an insight into this herbal medicine.

1. Does nilavembu kashayam cause infertility? 

YES, it does cause infertility if the powder is consumed raw. Make sure you consult an ayurvedic specialist to know more about how you need to consume other dosage related queries.

2. Can nilavembu kashayam be taken every day? 

YES, it can be consumed every day, provided it has been prescribed by an ayurvedic doctor. It is also fine to consume 30ml to 60ml of this herbal tonic every day on an empty stomach for better health.

3. Can nilavembu kashayam cure swine flu?

Most ayurvedic specialists say that it has been effective over patients suffering from swine flu. It has been even effective in fighting symptoms of dengue and chikungunya.

4. Can nilavembu cure typhoid? 

YES, it does cure typhoid fever including malaria and all other fevers associated with body ache. It reduces body temperature and inflammation.

5. Does nilavembu kashayam increase platelet count? 

Since it is a natural healer of dengue fever, it increases platelet count too. Consume this with papaya sap and you will see results.

Nilavembu Kashayam is known to offer loads of health benefits ranging from a healthy heart to a stronger respiratory system. Make sure you consult an ayurvedic doctor for more insight into dosage related queries.

COVID, it is recommended to be a powerful immunity booster that shields your body from germs and infections. Live healthy and consume nilavembu kashayam.

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