Keep сhildrеn ѕаfе оnlinе: NCC highlights risks kids fасе оnlinе

Today, wе аrе discussing оn ‘Safe Brоwѕing Tiрѕ’ that уоu аѕ a раrеnt оr caregiver саn uѕе tо еnѕurе thе protection оf уоur сhild while uѕing thе Internet.

This is in continuation of the ‘Keep Children Safe Online’ series by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in partnership with the Cece Yara Foundation.

Thus, it is important to encourage younger children to always ask an adult before clicking on an ‘Accept’, ‘Allow’ or ‘OK’ button on a website as sites may display other messages or disclaimers that require a response.

Also, set up bookmarks in your child’s browser for sites you would like them to use.

As a parent or caregiver you should learn how to adapt filtering tool settings to reflect each user’s age and skills if multiple members of your family share a device or program.

Be aware that many search engines also contain advertising and know there is always a risk that inappropriate material could still slip through.

What are the risks children face online?
Children face several risks on the internet. These risks can be grouped into four broad categories.

Content Risk: Consists of harmful information and material that children encounter online. For example, pornography, violence, fake news (mis-information).

Contact Risk: Meeting online friends offline can lead to negative consequences. Online grooming can also occur. This is a situation where a person befriends a young person to gain their confidence and then sexually abuses them. There are other physical and psychological risks that could lie in a young person building friendships with strangers online.

Conduct Risk: It includes game addiction, mobile phone overuse impaired sight, loss of confidence and reputational harm due to unguided comments.

Commercialization Risk: This is the risk children face from being exposed to making willing and unwilling commercial decisions online – including giving out personal data, gambling and shopping addiction.

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