How To Update Your Home on a Seriously Small Budget

Finding the Perfect Home
I absolutely love my house. Like really love it. It is the only house purchase in my life that I had complete control over. And I bought it entirely on my own. During my divorce, I moved back in with my grandma. I was short on money, had just returned to work, and I needed to give myself time to find the perfect house to raise my kids in. Talk about putting a lot of pressure on myself. So many drastic changes in such a short time span.

I scoured the listings in my area for months, drove around aimlessly looking for the perfect neighborhood, and ticked houses off the list ruthlessly when they did not meet my expectations. And then one day, I walked into a showing, and I knew immediately that I had found the one. My dad is a builder and a real estate agent, and I didn’t have to say a single word to him. He just knew that I wanted to put in an offer immediately, because this was our new home. I could feel it in every fiber of my being. So he got to work quickly to inspect every nook and cranny.

It all happened so quickly due to competition, that I never even had time to show my dream house to the kids. So I just put in my offer and held my breath for hours. My dad called with the good news over and over, but because I had actually given up hope at that point, I had left my phone in another room. Eventually I saw all of the missed calls, and my life changed drastically yet again. I was now a divorced, single mom with a new job and a mortgage that had only my name on it.

There are many wonderful things I love about my home. It is only a few short blocks away from my children’s school, a wonderful grocery store, and the beach. It is in a neighborhood with a nature preserve to hike through, a large park with a basketball court, soccer field, and a baseball diamond, and there are gorgeous, mature trees and deer everywhere you look.

The best part is that the owners before me had a small dryer fire, and they received a large insurance check to cover the damage. I say it is the best part ,because they used the money to update the electrical and plumbing, bought a new water heater, put in a brand new kitchen, and put a fresh coat of light grey paint all throughout the house. So when I bought it from them as a single mom on a tight budget, I felt safe and I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about any of those major items for some time.

The only downside was that I did not have a lot of extra cash coming in, and I had just lost half of our furniture and household goods in the divorce. I loved the grey paint when I bought the house, because it was light and beachy. But when I moved in with almost nothing to my name, I realized that the house seemed very bland all of a sudden.

I knew then that I would have to just update my home one step at a time, as I had the extra cash. Looking at the entire house would be far too overwhelming. Besides the fact that I had very little experience with completing home projects on my own. I had learned all kinds of cool things growing up with a builder for a father, but this time I was all alone with no help and no supervision.

I’m sure by now you know that I didn’t let that stop me. Not even for a second.

How to Update Your Home on a Budget
Here are six easy steps that you can use to update your own home without a lot of skill and on a tight budget.

1 Find some inspiration.

Search for photos online and figure out what it is that you like before committing to any project. Pinterest is my favorite tool for planning home updates on a budget. You can search by room, architectural style, and even by color. You will find more ideas than you will ever need, and you can choose the ones that really speak to you.

2 Watch Youtube.

Youtube is flush with diy videos. Whether you want to learn how to lay tile, hang drywall, or put up wainscoting, there are Youtube videos galore for your project.

3 Price shop.

In order to update your home on a budget, you need to take the time to price shop for supplies, ask stores to match sales from their competitors, and to look for rebates.

4 Borrow or Rent Tools.

There is no reason to go out and buy expensive tools you will only use once. Ask family, friends, and neighbors to borrow tools, check online garage sales to buy cheap used tools, or rent them from a local store.

5 Trade Your Skills With Others.

Some projects need extra manpower. Ask for help. See if you can trade your skills to help with someone else’s project in exchange for them helping you with yours.

6 Fake It Until You Make It.

The biggest part of taking on a project to update your home is having the confidence to try something new. Put a little swagger in your step and get your hands dirty. You will be surprised by what you can actually do when you just try it already.

Simple Home DIY Projects
The best part is that upgrading your home does not have to be expensive, time consuming, and a massive undertaking. There are so many ways to complete simple home diy projects that make a huge impact on the style of your home.

Many of my favorite diy projects in my home have been very simple and actually pretty cheap. And in my opinion, these projects have made a huge impact in how impressive my home looks to others when they visit. I get comments all the time about how nice my house looks, and people always think I spent a small fortune hiring these projects out.

The best part of these simple home diy projects is that I always involve my family in them. When I first moved in, I had my young children help me build their own beds and arrange their bedroom furniture. They also helped me hang pictures, spray paint, and paint walls. They didn’t do everything perfect, but neither did I at first. The point is that I am teaching them skills along the way and helping build their confidence up, so that they can tackle home projects of their own when they are grown up.

Then, once I started dating my fiance again he immediately got involved in my house projects, and I got involved with his. We flipped his rental house together, and then eventually we flipped his personal house so that he could move in with us. We now have a lot of experience completing diy projects together, and we have taught each other many new skills for future diy projects.

Now we have no intention of selling this house and moving, because he has been so involved in making it what it is. When we look around, we think about the time we redecorated the kids’ bedrooms as their surprise Christmas presents or the time we built custom cabinets in the closets. This is our home. It started out bland and boring, but we scoured Pinterest, watched Youtube videos constantly, put some swagger in our step, and jumped right in to make truly ours.

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