How To Reset Your Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro

Once you understand how to do it, you can easily reset your Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro. It’s so easy that Apple doesn’t even tell you how to do it. You assume that you can solve it yourself.

In one sentence, all you have to do is press and hold the button on the back of the AirPod case until the light turns orange. (Please note, of course, that you may have to rename the AirPods after pairing them to your phone via Settings if they have kept the same name as before.)

However, if you’ve tried it before and it didn’t work, below is a complete step-by-step guide to help you reset these AirPods to that relaxed feeling.

Can AirPods be tracked if reset?

If a thief steals your AirPods, he can easily connect them into another iPhone. After resetting your AirPods, you will no longer be paired with any of your Apple devices. They may still appear in your settings, but you cannot prevent the person from using them.

Why can’t I reset my AirPods?

If your AirPods are not connecting, press, and hold the configuration button on the back of the case. Press and hold the configuration button until the status LED flashes white, then orange, and then continuously white. Open the case with your AirPods and keep it next to your iPhone. If you still can’t connect, then you need to reset your AirPods.

Can someone use stolen AirPods?

Yes! If the entire set is stolen, it can be used without any problems. There is a pairing button on the Airpods housing that other people can use to connect to the Airpods. Once stolen and out of range of your phone, it can easily be used by others.

Can I track my AirPods if someone else is connected to them?

Unfortunately, you can’t use Find My to track your AirPods if they were charging when someone stole them. In fact, in this case, they don’t keep an active connection with your device in order to save battery.

How to reset Airpods

Apple AirPods sometimes may start giving you problems after a year. Regardless of whether you have this problem or bought AirPods, the best solution is to reset the headset. Here we show you how to reset your AirPods like new.

Ensure that your AirPods charging case is charged.
If you tried to reset your AirPods by long-pressing the button on the back and you don’t see any light flickering in the case, it’s probably because they are dead. Plug the Aipods in for 15 minutes to make sure they’re adequately charged for pairing.

Open the case and hold down the small button on the back of the case.

This little button on the back of the AirPod charging case is the key to resetting the AirPods. Pressing and holding the button for 15 seconds is advised, and the LED indicator on the case changes from white to yellow. You can’t let it run too long, so there’s no need to worry about spoiling it all.

It’s a good idea to keep this reset button away from the phone you want to disconnect from the headset. If it is too close, you will only get the same data as before.

Pair with a new Apple device by holding it together, or pair it with Bluetooth

OK, after restarting the AirPods, it’s time to sync them with a new iOS device. Hold the two devices together, and you should be able to connect as long as you’re using an Apple device.

If you are using Android, you need to go to Settings> Connections> Bluetooth and then connect them this way.

Rename AirPods

If you’ve reset your AirPods but stubbornly kept their old name, you’ll need to change it by going to Settings> Bluetooth and then clicking the Info button next to the AirPods to change their name.

Conclusion and quick steps

You probably need to reset your AirPods if you can’t connect to them if they’re not charging, or to fix another problem.

In this conclusion, I would like to remind you how you can quickly reset it.

Put your AirPods in the case and close the cover. Wait for about 30 seconds, and then open the lid.

On your iPhone, iPod, or iPad touch, go to Settings and then Bluetooth and press the “i” icon next to your AirPods. Then tap Forgot this device and tap again to confirm.

The AirPods can be reset pressing and holding the connection button on the back of the case for 15 seconds, or until the status LED flashes orange.
Reconnect your AirPods by Placing your AirPods near your device with the flip open. Follow the steps on your device screen.

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