How to Learn From Home using YouTube resources

Aѕ mаnу fаmiliеѕ аrе now ѕtауing аt home due to thе novel COVID-19 раndеmiс аrоund thе world, many parents аrе nоw looking fоr resources ѕо thаt thеir сhildrеn соntinuе ѕtudуing аnd learning frоm hоmе in these trуing times.

Here are some resources that we at have put together for people to teach their children with.

Learn at Home With YouTube

Learn@Home is a website that YouTube as part of its strategy to help children and students from all over the world to continue learning and studying during this lockdown period necessitated by the coronavirus scourge. Educational creators on YouTube like Khan Academy, Sesame Street, and are all on the Learn@home platform.

YouTube also introduced a section for families who have children under the age of 13. With these resources, families can watch videos with the children and encourage their creativity, playfulness, and curiosity.

Although the website launched in English, YouTube promises that it will expand to other languages in “the coming days”.

You can access the Learn@Home website by clicking here.

YouTube Learning Destination
YouTube Learning Destination is a platform that was created to help and inspire students to use learning content that is high-quality.

It is a platform that features “supplemental learning content, celebrates learning moments and shares tips for learners,”.

Like its predecessor, the YouTube Learning Destination is also available in English for now but promises to be expanded to other languages in a number of days. YouTube Learning Destination can either be found at or by navigating to the explore tab on the new YouTube app.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is a platform that provides children under the age of 13 the opportunity of studying and learning in a safer environment.

On YouTube Kids, kids can explore their curiosity and interest on their own. But YouTube also gives parents the opportunity of using tools to customize the experience for their kids on YouTube Kids.

The YouTube Kids app also features some out-of-the-box content like indoor fun and learning as well as healthy habits.

You can access YouTube Kids by clicking here.

YouTube #Studywithme is YouTube’s response to kids studying alone all over the world. Here’s why they created the platform:

“We’ve been inspired by the #StudyWithMe movement, where students share their study experiences with each other online. Whether reading or listening to music, it helps to feel less alone when you study together.”

These are all technological solutions that parents can use in these trying times to make sure that their children continue studying at home. For the truth is; we cannot afford to allow anything disrupt the education of our children. Not even a pandemic.

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