How To Get Clear Skin Naturally | 5 Best Skincare Tips

Everyone wants to have clear skin with a healthy glow. Everyone wants to be praised for their rosy, smooth, soft, blemish-free glass skin.

Before I continue, I would like to impart to you all a very important message: YOU are beautiful just the way you are, YOU are unique and have your own kind of sparkle. I hope you remember this little piece of advice!

Now, no matter how much love and confidence we have in ourselves, pimples, acne, and other skin flaws are undesirable (and often considered as one’s “worst nightmare”). I believe that skin care is a form of self love, because a) you acknowledge and accept your flaws, and b) you do your best to turn yourself into the best version of yourself that you want to be.

Most of us are dying to know how to get rid of pimples fast. How to get clear skin naturally. There’s no easy way out but there are tips to have clear skin.

Skincare must start somewhere small. In fact, these small steps usually make the biggest differences. Don’t pressure yourself to use luxurious face masks and creams immediately! Start small by integrating these into your daily bath or shower (check out My Favorite Bath Products).

Throughout my few years of skincare, I’ve picked up a handful of very important and very easy to follow (easy? we’ll see) skincare tips. These are tips to add to your skincare routine to get clear skin. Here’s how to get clear skin naturally:

1.) Always wash your face!
I don’t wear makeup at school so I can really feel my oily skin when I sweat or when it occurs several hours after I last washed it.

When this happens, I wash my face thoroughly and gently with clean water and then wipe it with a soft towel. If you bring along a gentle face cleanser with you (so NOT borrow from others!), you can use that as long as you follow the directions.

One of the best times to wash your face is when you arrive home from school or work, you may be tired but never forget to wash your face!

It recommend Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, it’s very mild and leaves my face feeling soft and smooth as a baby’s skin!

2.) Try not to touch your face too much
Throughout the course of the day, our hands touch A LOT of stuff: public sinks, food, stuff from your bag, and loads more. There will always be harmful bacteria that can cause damage to your face so try to minimize contact with your face!

Oh, and nope, your hand sanitizer cannot save you.

I try my best to limit face-touching only for skincare purposes like washing my face and applying skincare products, and even then, I wash my hands with soap thoroughly before I touch my skin.

3.) Take off your makeup as soon as possible, never sleep with your makeup on!
You wake up early, go to work, work yourself to death, and come home excessively tired and stressed. All you want to do is march yourself to bed and sleep your exhaustion away.

Bad idea, sis.

Always, ALWAYS make time to remove your makeup thoroughly. Use your cleanser or facial soap after you’ve washed out all your makeup. You can also used a trusty makeup remover. Rinse your face thoroughly and dab with a soft towel to dry.

Makeup can clog your pores. Everytime you arrive home, make it a habit to remove all your makeup the right way before anything else, before laziness gets the best of you.

4.) Do NOT pick at your pimples.
Caught you, huh?

It may seem too tempting (we’ve all experienced this), but picking at your pimple isn’t the solution to your problem. Squeezing a pimple can push bacteria and pus deeper into your skin, and you would want to avoid that. RESIST THE TEMPTATION!

Visit a trusted dermatologist if you really need to have a pimple removed, they are more experienced on the matter, so while you’re there, make sure to listen and follow their skincare instructions.

5.) Always read product description and check the ingredients list
Before buying and using any skincare product or beauty product, always check the product description. I still do this even when purchasing My Everyday Beauty Products. Read and follow the directions EXACTLY. Check if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, or if the product contains an irritants that can harm your skin. Some skincare products are not mild so if you’re trying to avoid that, make sure to check first what the product promises!

ADD-ON TIP: Read product reviews. Sure, each customer is unique and product results may vary, but at least you know what you’re getting yourself into.

I hope this little post did lots of help. Let me know if this post helped you take better care of your skin!

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