How to digitally check outstanding electricity bills for a newly rented apartment

Often times, after spending thousands, if not millions of Naira to rent, lease or hire an apartment for office or other use, then you are faced with challenge of offsetting the pending utility bills left by previous tenants.

This is usually frustrating, because right from the time you consulted the Real Estate Agent, it may never cross your mind to ask about the backlog of utility bills and the landlord appear to play smart here – they won’t open up to you until the officials from Ikeja Electric Plc approach you.

Tо thеm, thеу need thе mоnеу, but you are left ѕtrаndеd; new араrtmеnt, but diѕсоnnесtеd from thе national grid. Will уоu dереnd on power gеnеrаting set till infinitу?

Well, there is solution on the way – such that you can easily check the Utility Bills status of the apartment before moving in, especially if you are within the jurisdictions of Ikeja Electric.

In other words, that headache you could have had when you discover that the new three bedroom flat you just rented has an outstanding bill of N120,000 (NGN) after your first few weeks of relocation; it is now avidable.

Ikeja Electric launched what they called eService Billing solution, an electronic billing system that allows intending occupant of an apartment to digitally check the actual bill status.

How does it work?

​Now you can check outstanding electricity bills for that new apartment before moving in.

Simply visit with the account number of the new apartment to see the actual bill status.

You question at this point might be: Who will give me the account number of a new apartment I am yet to pay ‘n’ move-in?

There are possible solutions to this:

You can use this as part of your bargaining tool to actually get the agent or landlord to oblige you with the number. If he fails to give you, then such could be a red-flag or

Once you obtain the house and flat numbers, you visit nearest Ikeja Electric office or payment centers; the marketers will assist you.

check outstanding utility bill in new apartment
Check outstanding utility bill in new apartment

We believe this will help you reduce the stress of paying-off utility bills that you never incurred in the first place. We also believe that other distribution companies will emulate this innovation.

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