How to become a Python Pro in Nigeria

Onе оf thе mоѕt ѕоught аftеr ICT Professionals in Nigеriа аnd bеуоnd are Python Programmers. It is one оf the еvоlving аnd intеrеѕting саrееrѕ in thе tесhnоlоgу industry.

Python Pro uses a general-purpose code or language known as Python. With this language, they develop both desktop, web applications and solve complex problems.

If you have been considering to have a career as a Python Programmer, follow these 8 steps which I have outlined.

1 Know the fundamentals of Python

– Variables

– Conditionals

– For loops

– While loops

– Object oriented programming

– Recursion

2 Start solving problems

– You need to develop deep skills in this area – solve real-life challenges on Hackerrank or project Euler or Codewars; Fizzbuzz etc.

3 Build building your portfolios with valuable projects

– Build strong partnerships with like minds in schools or in events, groups and work on real-world projects that have values.

– Start building applications that are valuable e.g. data analytics or anything with automation using python

4 Do open source

– Open source project is very important and you need to go to GITHUB and start doing those projects. But you need to master GIT version control system, it’s very crucial.

– GIT is like a time machine for your code. If you mess up you can go back in time. GITHUB is like Dropbox for your code. GIT is NOT the same thing as GITHUB.

5 Learn how to read code

– You can’t do it alone, so you need to start going to GITHUB and reading other people’s code.

This is what you need to do: Study code of other people who suck as much as you. Look for those who are at your level, understand and get value out of their code. If they’re way too good, you probably won’t understand anything.

6 Learn from the masters

– Study hard by leveraging every video of top pros on YouTube. Use those videos to make your code very simple and easy to read.

– Study Raymond Hettinger write up on YouTube, as well Kenneth Reitz library called requests

7 Master how to read and write documentation

– You must your code. This is so much important. However, it is better for your codes to be simpler.

It shows potential employers that you consider the people that will read those codes. You will be working with humans, therefore simplicity is the key when writing or documenting your codes.

8 Apply for jobs

– Apply for jobs like a maniac. Do this rigorous by sending specific messages to people on LinkedIn, personal websites, startup CEO’s on Instagram, or anywhere else-

9 Make a profile on Upwork

– Build your profile on LinkedIn, Fiver and Codementor

– Make job postings actively on Fiverr and Craigslist

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