Here Are the Reasons Savvy Esports Fans and Players Use A VPN

The eSports market is on an unprecedented rise – and no one might have seen this growth coming. It is estimated that in the nearest future, attention to eSports will be greater than what we have going to traditional sports.

This attention to eSports is also significantly rewarded. That is why we have seen an increment in the prize money for the champions in these games.
That said, though, not many players (and even fans) know that they need a VPN for security when enjoying their eSports content.

Why you need a VPN for eSports
Before now, you must have thought that all you need for your eSports is a combination of the right hardware and software, and you are good to go. While that is true, you are not entirely correct either.

When you are playing games on the internet, your internet data is seen by your ISP. Since many internet connections are unencrypted, this means that a hacker could also snoop into your network and see what information is being transferred.

Such tactics could allow the hacker to hijack your devices, install malware on the network, etc.

With a VPN, that will not be an issue. This software comes with multiple servers – and your data is passed through tons of them before it gets to the target server. That makes it impossible for anyone – even your so-called ISPs – to see what you are doing.

Such practices are especially important when you have connected to a public Wi-Fi network. After all, they are one of the most unsafe systems picks out there.

Still, on the security matter, we should discuss a DDoS attack.

These forms of attack happen when a hacker takes control of a lot of computers (such as your gaming computer or console) on a network. The hacker can then use the computers to bombard a server such that it crashes and denies access to anyone else accessing it.

Before you think that playing eSports with a top brand protects you from this, think about EA Sports. Being one of the biggest names in eSports, they had their servers taken down for a while by a hacking group.

For users who happen to have a VPN at hand, they won’t be a part of this hack. After all, they will be broadcasting from a virtual IP address, which makes it impossible for the hacker to pinpoint the location of their computer for hijacking.

Other Reasons to Get a VPN
Besides the security benefits of a VPN, there are other excellent reasons why you should have one anyway.

Remember what we said about masking your data from your ISP up there? That also makes sense when you don’t want these providers throttling your internet speed. Your ISP will usually do so when you are using insane amounts of data over a short period – especially for streaming and gaming.

When they cannot see what you are doing, though, they leave you be.

Sometimes, the throttling might be a general area thing. You can escape that too when you connect to another server location. You never have to worry about slow internet speeds as a result of ISP manipulation anymore.

Perhaps another juicy proposition is being able to enter competitions in other regions.

There are individual eSports content and competitions that are locked to specific regions. Since it is not advisable to travel to another country just to get access to their competition, it is better to download a VPN.

With that, you can connect to a choice/ supported server location and access the game content too.

If you have never thought about it before, we bet you now see what you should get a VPN for your eSports gaming too. When choosing, though, ensure it is one with multiple server locations with support for unlimited bandwidth and zero data logging.

Lest we forget, the VPN must have been optimized for speed too.

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