Getting Back Into Exercising During Coronavirus Lockdown

Lost motivation and need to get back into exercising whilst at home? I know exactly how you feel! I’ve found it so hard whilst at home to keep fit and healthy, with gyms being shut, and only being allowed 1 hour of exercise a day outside the house!

I’ve also found myself eating way too much of the wrong type of things – chocolate, crisps etc, in general just not healthy in any way shape or form! Also baking some really nice brownies / cookies which doesn’t help either! I think I need to invest in a lot of fruit, and make smoothies, I really used to enjoy them after a gym session! I also need to get back into the habit of eating fruit aswell!

I recently bought some new gym wear from JD Sports, with discount, which I was quite excited about, I love new gym wear, and I knew this would help me get back into a workout routine! I had also just thrown my gym leggings away as they had become quite see-through! I seen Kady McDermott wear these, doing her workouts at home, and I really liked them, so I treated myself to it (using my winnings from Grand National Day – my boyfriend roped me into it, I hate it!)

Today I did my first exercises, it hurt like hell, and I’m not gonna lie, I almost cried, from not going to the gym for a good 7 months – due to my own closing, I could never find a gym that came close to how good it was! However, I’m determined that I’m going to keep exercise up, it made me feel so much better after it, and I want to get back into a routine of exercising again, as this was something that really helped with my mental health! I think at a time like this, it is important to keep ourselves busy, and I feel like exercising is a good way for me to do this, so I’m going to include this in my daily routine, especially in the morning!

I think creating a routine is something I definitely need to do right now, and I think starting my day with exercising will really get me inspired for the rest of the day! It made me want to get on to blogging, and creating more posts on my blog and Instagram!

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