COVID-19: 21 Activities That Will Keep You Busy At Home

Due to the coronavirus, self-isolation is important so that we can prevent the virus from spreading any further. It’s not a joke that should be taken lightly. Even though it comes at a great cost, everyone must do their part not only to stay healthy, but also to protect others.

Since self-isolation can be very boring and can cause nervousness and anxiety and even feels unproductive, here are a few activities that I’m currently doing to keep myself (especially my mind) busy amid this chaos that this terrible pandemic is causing. If you’re a quaran-teen (had to do it haha) who’s looking for productive activities to do at home, here are some of my ideas:

1. Learn a Language
I’m currently taking a French course on a fun, interactive app called Duolingo. You should give a try, learning languages has never been easier.

2. Learn How To Play an Instrument
I haven’t played an instrument in more than three years now because of school but now that I have lots of time I’m planning to spend it wisely by rediscovering my musical talents, especially in playing the keyboard/piano.

3. Blog Duties
One of the advantages I get from self-isolation is having more time to spend on my blog. I’ve been zoning out lately because of my real-life priorities as a straight-A student and I’m glad that the pressure of the education system (and everyone’s expectations) is finally off my back! I’m using the extra time to write and publish more blog posts and catch up on blogging friends on social media.

4. Self-Care
It’s time to catch up on your own wellness and recharge. I wrote a blog post about 8 Self-Care Ideas To Restore Dedication, Motivation and Inspiration.

5. Workout
I can’t stress enough how exercise has changed my life. It no matter how much weight I will lose or how many inches smaller my waist becomes, exercise makes me feel more positive about my body and motivates me to live a healthier lifestyle.

6. Catch Up with Your Schedule
It’s time to reset my daily schedule and properly follow my Daily Morning Routine and Bedtime Routine. This means sleeping early because there are no more class works to be finished overnight and waking up early still because I need to be productive!

7. Taking Online Courses
Since you could risk your health and expose yourself to the virus when you go out, why not learn something while you stay at home? If you are really tight on your budget, there are lots of free online courses that you can take online that you can really learn from.

8. Reading WebToon comics
Okay, why not rewind a little and read some e-comics? WebToon is a great app and I am hooked into a lot of stories. The artists are very talented and there’s a wide range of art styles. So far, my favorite comics in this app are Ghost Wife (MUST READ), Lore Olympus (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), My Dear Cold-Blooded King, SubZero, and Freaking Romance.

9. Art
Whether you’re talented in art or not, you can always do a little bit of crafting and painting and sketching at home. I make use of the extra paint I have and usually paint a few designs on the insides of my furniture or on extra canvas I can find inside the house.

10. Declutter Your Room and House
Now is the time to do some spring cleaning if you’ve procrastinated on it for too long! Clean the house and sort out which of the junk you no longer need and donate it or throw it away. Having a clean home is one step closer to safety from the virus.

11. Declutter Your Phone and Laptop
Declutter your corner of the digital world as well! My phone is constantly at full storage so I keep it in check every now and then. Delete photos you no longer want on your storage (like random front camera accidental selfies haha) and files you no longer need. Perhaps even uninstall an app or two to make space for a new one. Let’s free up that storage!

12. Plan
Plan, plan, plan! Plan your activities, your budget, and set aside an emergency for when things get worse. Planning calms me down during a crisis because it helps me cope and expect the worse, and when I’m done I realize that even the worst problem can still be solved, or at least its casualties are not as devastating as they seem. So always have a plan in mind!

13. Learn A New Skill
Use the extra time to research and improve your skills. Level up your culinary skills or make the big leap and learn computer programming. Who knows? You might discover a new hobby or a new profitable talent. The possibilities are limitless.

14. Read Mystery Novels
Reading a novel is fun, but even better if it’s in the mystery or thriller genre. Hours will pass by in no time if you’re not only reading, but also solving a blood-chilling mystery. Perhaps add a little bit of romance too, just to spice things up a little haha.

15. Rearrange Your Wardrobe
Believe it or not, but my closet occupies an entire side of my bedroom. One wall full of clothes! I try to make it as organized as I can, sorting them into different occasions to be worn as well as by item of clothing. Jeans, dresses, beach attire, formal wear, indoor clothes, for-outings clothes, and so on.

16. Watch Movies
This one doesn’t need any further explanation, right? Time to watch that kdrama you’ve been dying to watch! Or the latest romance movie because you still couldn’t get over Valentine’s haha. Movies will definitely keep you occupied and chase away the boredom.

17. Clean and Rearrange The Furniture
Have you ever felt like your home has been cramped lately? Are you tired of seeing the same things in the same position everyday? It’s time to redecorate! Store away your winter decor and get your interiors ready for spring and summer. Might as well rearrange the furniture too so that fresh air can come in easily.

18. Learn DIY and Life Hacks
Life hacks count as skills, right? There are lots of DIY crafts and life hacks that you can watch and learn on YouTube or read online. Why not try some? Or, try a fun (and safe!) experiment if you have a kid around, so they can learn something within the corners of you home.

19. Watch Mystery Riddle Videos on YouTube
If mystery novels and thriller movies are not enough, why not a few animated riddles and murder mysteries on YouTube? I recommend the ones from 7-Second Riddles and Bright Side! They’re very witty and entertaining. These can improve your logic and problem-solving skills.

20. Dress Fitting: See If Your Old Clothes Still Fit!
I mentioned before that my closet alone occupies an entire wall and it’s packed full of clothes! I try dress-fittings every year or half-year so I know which clothes still fit me, and which ones I should donate to charity. It helps me make space for the Spring 2020 Outfit Ideas when the virus danger is finally over. It’s not only a way to declutter my wardrobe but also a way to help those who are less forunate.

21. Play Board Games
As a child, I loved playing chess. I used to play and sometimes win championships. Nowadays, it’s so rare for me to see anyone playing board games, even snake ladder or scrabble. Since I have extra time on my hands, I plan to relive my love for board games and play with my brother because we love chess!

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