Coronavirus: Top 3 Relationship Advice During Lockdown

I recently asked over on my Instagram about what people would like to see my blog about, and someone asked me to talk about Relationships. During the current circumstances I know it can be quite hard if, like myself, you are in a relationship, and not currently cohabiting with your partner.

So I am going to talk about some of the ways in which I am keeping my relationship alive / keeping strong whilst in lockdown about my relationship!

Keeping Positive

It’s so important to keep positive right now, positivity will help your mind in many wonders, and also help fight off the infection! There is so much to be thankful for within your relationship, and keeping positive about all of this is key.

The love you have for each other is so important, and that love is binding, and this is something that will never be broken by this nasty virus, if you remain positive! Also look for the positives in what you have to look forward too! You may have an upcoming holiday, yes you may have to rearrange that, but when the time comes that you can go away, wouldn’t this be so nice to spend time with your loved one somewhere nice? Me and my boyfriend also have Help to buy ISA’s in place, which we have had for about a year now, and we’re hoping towards the end of this year / start of next year to have saved enough to hopefully move into our own home! Is this something you have been looking in to? Have you decided to set one up? This is something exciting to think about / look forward too!

Keeping in Contact

It is so important to keep in contact with your loved one if you’re not able to see them. I usually text my boyfriend, or FaceTime him! This is also so nice, as it is a way of seeing him, without obviously getting to go and see him! This makes me happy, as because we’ve been in a relationship for nearly 5 years, we normally see each other like 3 times a week, so being able to FaceTime him everyday, is a way of keeping the happiness without thinking negative that obviously yeah it’s shit that I can’t see him, but right now, there’s physically nothing any of us can do, and we’re not the only people in this situation, my sister who I’m living with is in the exact same situation, as well as many other people I know, and also people I don’t know, so let that give you some clarity.

However, try not to do this too much, because you still both need to be happy without each other, if that makes sense, don’t become reliant on each other! Remain positive that you are going to see each other in the near future, but keep occupied by engaging in other things, as if you constantly FaceTime each other, you will eventually get bored of each other! It’s important to keep the excitement in seeing each other’s face too!

Date Night Ideas

This is something I haven’t yet tried but I really would like too! We’ve been toying over the idea of doing like a quiz over FaceTime with each other which sounds sort of fun! Might turn into an argument though, so we’ll see about that one haha! The other idea which I’ve heard of quite a lot, is a Netflix Party, which I’m skeptical about because we like totally different films / tv shows! However we did start watching a tv show together a couple of months back, so it would be cute if we could watch some more together, I guess that would be nice!

Are there any other ideas you had of what you have been doing at home, if you’re not with your partners? Share them below, let’s chat!

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