4 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Like A Plague

I am always of the opinion that there is nothing like digital marketing anymore. Right now, we are merely using the tools at our disposal to make marketing happen in the digital world.

That said, a lot of businesses have also started jumping on the digital marketing train.

While I am a strong advocate for every business having a digital marketing practice to it, though, it must be done right. Doing it wrong could even get your business into more trouble than not marketing at all.

Since you are here, let’s discuss some of the digital marketing mistakes to avoid

Mistake #1 – Target Audience
Let’s assume you have a market of a hundred (100) people of different ages, social status, and backgrounds. If your business sells adult male sneakers, for example, you must define the target market that this will appeal to.

This means taking out business executives, women, all children, etc. You will be left with about 20-30 eligible candidates that you can market to. This allows you to concentrate your resources on them alone rather than spending more money to reach the broader market.

Thus, always research your target audience.

Mistake #2 – Marketing Channels
There are a lot of digital platforms out there that you can leverage for your digital marketing. However, it is best to understand that not everything is for you.

Following from the above, you cannot hope to have an active campaign for the sneakers above on a LinkedIn platform.

For one, your primary target market (college kids, high school seniors, young employees, etc.) are not concentrated on LinkedIn. Besides that, the platform is not suited to such. Thus, spending there will be a waste of the bulk of your budget.

You will have better luck with the likes of Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Mistake #3 – Zero Strategy
Are you one of those businesses that do everything with the hope that something sticks? Then you might be on your way to hating digital marketing altogether.
To make DM work for you would be to have a clear-cut approach and strategy. This strategy will keep you on track, allowing you to measure your progress effectively while tweaking the strategy for success too.

A fun fact is that only 32% of B2B marketers claim to have a documented strategy for digital marketing.
This means that the majority of your competition is just winging it – and you can leverage that to leave them in the dust.

Mistake #4 – Poor CX
This is the age of the consumer, so you MUST be ready to listen to them.

These are the backbone of your business – and they are the ones that you hope to please. No matter how much you try to satisfy them, too, they will have hidden requests and choices. It is left to you to find out what those are so that you can meet the consumers at the very points of their needs.
Fail to do so, and they will take their business somewhere else.

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