23 Aѕtоniѕhing Anniversary Gifts for Pаrеntѕ

Whеthеr it’ѕ mom аnd dad’s 40th оr 60th wedding аnnivеrѕаrу, уоu’rе рrоbаblу stuck on what kind of gift to gеt thеm. Whаt аrе gооd аnnivеrѕаrу gifts fоr раrеntѕ? Yоu’vе got to think a littlе outside оf thе bоx оn this оnе. Ask уоurѕеlf, what dо you уоur parents nоt have thаt thеу’vе always wаntеd? Iѕ thеrе ѕоmеthing thеу have аlrеаdу but want a nеw оr updated оnе? Fоr еxаmрlе, maybe mom hаѕ еxрrеѕѕеd a dеѕirе fоr a nеw cutting bоаrd tо rерlасе thе оld one оr dаd hаѕ аlwауѕ wanted a сооl bаr cart. Thеir anniversary is the реrfесt timе tо give thеm thеѕе gifts! No matter hоw mаnу years tоgеthеr they’re сеlеbrаting, wе hаvе рlеntу of uniԛuе аnnivеrѕаrу gift ideas that will mаkе bоth mоm аnd dad hарру.

A Sweet Sign For Their Home
Anniversary Gift for Parents is a Personalized Sign

Your parents’ anniversary is coming up, and they’re just too cute. They love to go everywhere with each other, even after all of these years of marriage. Whenever your family had to move for dad’s job, your mother always tell your father “Home is wherever I’m with you.” Turn that sweet sentiment into a lovely piece of decor they’ll treasure forever! This too sweet sign is the perfect decoration for the living room or the kitchen, and anyone who sees it can’t help but go “Aww!” Whether it’s their 20th, 40th, or even 50th anniversary, your mom and dad will absolutely love this beautiful and adorable personalized sign.

A Set of Personalized Wine Glasses
Personalized White Wine Glasses

Your parents probably have a couple of wine glasses around, but they’re not quite nice enough for using with mom’s fine china at Christmas. She usually uses the crystal highball glasses, but she’s always wanted a nice set of wine glasses to go with them. Dad has been wanting a nice set to use for his wine tasting club meetings when it’s his turn to host as well. For your parents’ anniversary this year, you should surprise them with this set of gorgeous wine glasses! Made of fine crystal and laser engraved with their name and the year they were married, mom and dad will love showing these off any chance they get. Whether it’s their 25th or 50th year of being married, these lovely glasses the perfect anniversary gifts for your parents.

A Fun Game for the Whole Family
Custom Bean Bag Toss Set for Parents

Looking for an anniversary gift for your parents that everyone in the family can enjoy too? This bean bag toss game is your solution! An easy game to play and suitable for all ages, it’s perfect for having at family reunions, holiday gatherings, neighborhood cookouts, and backyard BBQs together. Mom and dad will love playing this fun game with you and the grandkids when you bring them over to visit. The coolest part? You get to customize the personalization on it to say nearly anything you want! For example, it could read “Jessica and John Smith, April 15, 2020” or “The Schmidt Family Barbeque.” Your parents will love that you gave them such a unique, one-of-a-kind anniversary gift that they can share with everyone in the family.

The Perfect Parent Anniversary Gift Set
Engraved Anniversary Presentation Gift Set

Anniversaries are a milestone celebration, no matter how many years they’ve been together. To help celebrate the years they’ve spent together, what could be better than a classy personalized presentation set? Aside from the awe of the matching decanter and glasses, they’ll love seeing their name engraved on every last piece of this gorgeous set. This will be the perfect way for them to have a celebratory drink together on their anniversary and it will be ideal for their date nights too. Show them that their anniversary is important to you too with the classiest anniversary gift for parents around!

A New Piece of Decor for Their Home
Custom Wooden Sign for the Home

As your parents have gotten older and watched you and your siblings grow up, they’ve taught you over and over that it’s the thought that counts when giving gifts. This beautiful sign is both thoughtful and a great piece of decor, so it’s the best of both worlds and naturally a great anniversary gift for your parents. This classic wooden sign has their names and wedding date on it, and will look lovely anywhere in their home. Mom and dad will be so touched that you got them something so sweet and thoughtful. Plus, it will last for many years, just like their marriage!

Have you always wondered where your family came from? Dad’s always claimed he was 1/18th Native American or mom says she is related to George Washington. Now they can find out for sure with a 23andMe ancestry test! Your parents will love finding out exactly where each of their families come from and comparing family histories. After they get the results, you’ll never hear the end of it when dad finds out that he’s 30% Irish or related to Thomas Jefferson and how this is the best anniversary gift he’s ever gotten!

Engraved Wine Glass Set
Custom Wine Glass Set for Parents Anniversary

Do your parents love having a bottle of Cabernet after dinner or a special Merlot for date night? Then they need a proper wine glass set! These gorgeous pieces of glassware will make celebrating their anniversary feel even more personal. There is nothing quite like sharing a drink to the time they’ve spent together than when they get to toast one another out of matching glasses!. Whether they’re toasting to their 10th, 15th, or 25th anniversary, they will love using these glasses to enjoy their favorite wines!

A Cool Vintage Bar Cart
Globe Bar Cart Gift for Parents Anniversary

If they don’t have a place for a home bar but they’ve always wanted one, this incredibly gorgeous globe bar cart is one of the best anniversary gifts for your parents. Dad can have it sitting in the corner of his home office or mom can move it into the dining room for when company comes over so that she can easily serve them a drink. This beautiful piece looks like a regular, ornate globe when the lid is closed and has plenty of storage space for both glasses and bottles of liquor or wine.

A Sign of a Great Anniversary
Engraved Billiard Sign

Their relationship has been all fun and games, which is exactly why this anniversary, even though it is a huge milestone, felt so easy to get to! They’ve always been an unbeatable team together. Help them celebrate with the perfect anniversary gift for parents, their own game sign! This personalized gift is fantastic for any game room, home bar, or anywhere else in their home. Keep the good times rolling on game night with a sign perfect for any parents’ place!

Elegant Decanter Set for Two
Personalized Anniversary Gift for Parents Who Drink Whiskey

Give an anniversary gift for your parents that is both a personalized token of their anniversary and a nice addition to their home bar. Mom and dad will love that they can share a drink together with these beautiful glasses that have their names and wedding date on them. Mom can use the wooden gift box to store anything from sewing supplies to photo albums or even the anniversary cards she’s been saving since she and dad got married. Everything about this lovely decanter set makes it one of the best anniversary gifts for your parents!

Turn Their Favorite Song or a Personal Message into a Work of Art
Custom Soundwave Canvas

You probably weren’t around when mom and dad got married so you wouldn’t know offhand what the song they first danced to as husband and wife was. But you can surely find out, and make it into a unique piece of art with soundwave technology! Or, if you want to make it truly unique, you and your siblings could record yourselves saying “Happy 25th Anniversary” or “We Love You Mom and Dad!” and use that as the soundwave. Whatever you choose, mom and dad will be amazed by this incredible, one-of-a-kind gift and will definitely treasure it forever.

Give Their Drinks a Whole New Flavor
The Smoke Box System Brings a New Flavor to Mom and Dads Drinks

Looking for the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your parents? Step up their drinking game a notch with a whole new way to enjoy their favorite scotch by infusing it with a smoky scent! That’s right, this super cool gadget will change the flavor of their drinks. How cool is that? Mom and dad will love trying out the different combinations of wood chips and types of liquor to see what tastes best together.

Whiskey Tasting Anniversary Gift for Parents
Crystal Glencairn Glasses and Personalized Decanter

Totally change your parents’ world with their anniversary gift. They may think they’ve experienced a tasting set before, but once you give them this set, they’ll never want to go back to anything else. Perfect for nosing and tasting subtle flavors and aromas, this decanter gift set with crystal cut Glencairn glasses makes a phenomenal set of anniversary gifts for parents. They’ll love having the gorgeous glasses and custom engraved decanter out as a beautiful centerpiece too!

Make Sure They Always Have Cold Wine
Engraved Marble Wine Chiller

Do your parents have a full wine rack but always forget to keep at least one bottle in the fridge? Make sure that special bottle they’ve been saving will be perfectly chilled for their anniversary dinner with this beautiful wine chiller! Made of genuine marble, this striking chiller will keep their wine cold even past dessert. All they have to do is stick the chiller in the fridge for a few minutes when dinner’s nearly ready and they’ll have a nice cold bottle of wine to enjoy. This chiller is the perfect anniversary gift for your parents!

Engraved Twist Decanter Set for Parents
Twist Decanter Anniversary Gift for Parents

Put a new twist on anniversary gifts with a personalized decanter set your parents will never see coming. Sorry for the pun, but you know it had to be done (especially when the gift is for your parents!). This gift will blow them away on their anniversary, and will immediately become a set that you always see out on display; whether it is on their end-table, home bar, mantle, anywhere! Ideal for their favorite bourbon, whiskey or scotch, this is a centerpiece that you can be sure they’ll be using every time they celebrate a major occasion, or they may even use it for a refreshing drink after a long day! Anniversaries are all about couples, so give them a gift that they can enjoy together!

A Romantic Picnic Basket for Them
Picnic Basket Gift Set for a Romantic Anniversary Date

Want to give your parents something to help rekindle the romance? This adorable picnic basket gift set will do the trick! Plan out their whole anniversary for them: brunch at a quiet, homey diner, a carriage ride downtown, tickets to the art museum, maybe a lunch or dinner cruise at the lake, and then direct them to a beautiful spot in their favorite park where this picnic basket will be waiting for them as they watch the sunset together. They’ll love the gourmet snacks and wine that are inside, and the getaway from home to focus on celebrating their decades of love for one another will be a welcome blessing. This anniversary is sure to be the most romantic yet thanks to you!

A Set of New Coasters
Monogrammed Marble Coasters

Okay, hear me out: your parents probably have coasters already, but surely they could use a new set. Think about how long those coasters have been around. Probably since you were a little kid, right? These gorgeous personalized marble coasters will be one of the most useful anniversary gifts for your parents! They’ll love that you spruced up their home with a little bit of luxury. You could pair these coasters with a new set of glasses, a new coffee table, or a nice bottle of wine to make it a complete gift!

Make Them Feel Like Newlyweds
Custom Whiskey Glasses and Cutting Board

It doesn’t matter how old they are, your mom and dad have always acted like they just got back from their honeymoon. They’re the definition of “couple goals” and you’ve always admired them for that. They even still have some gifts from their wedding all those years ago, like a cutting board with their name on it and some nice wine glasses. The best anniversary gifts for parents are those that make them feel young and in love again, and this is the way to do it! Give them a brand new cutting board that’s beautifully engraved with their last name and a pair of glasses that say “Mr. and Mrs.” along with their last name. They’ll be reminded of all of their wonderful wedding gifts and their beautiful wedding. The next thing you know, they’ll be renewing their vows and going on a second honeymoon!

Modern Wine Glass Gift Set
Engraved Wine Glass Set for Parents Anniversary

The best anniversary gifts are new versions of things your parents have had and loved for a long time. Those old wine glasses from when they first got married, for example, could definitely use an upgrade. Surprise them with these gorgeous engraved wine glasses! Laser engraved with their last name and initial, they will absolutely love these modern stemless glasses. This wine glass gift set will definitely become your parents’ new favorite way to enjoy a glass of wine together whether that is for their milestone anniversary or even after dinner drinks!

The Perfect Wine Sign
Custom Vineyard Sign

Have their home always feel like the place they want to be, their favorite wine stop! No matter if they are aficionados of all things wine or they simply love to sip on a glass at the end of the day, nothing makes a great anniversary gift for your parents like a custom sign that has their anniversary date and name on it! Add in their love for wine, and you’ve got a gift they’ll cherish forever!

The New York Times Anniversary Book
New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

Want to give your parents something truly unique? This cool memory book is full of the New York Times pages and highlights from the day that your parents were married (or on their anniversary, it’s up to you!). How cool is that? With this book, they’ll have a unique keepsake to treasure forever. Seeing what was going on in the world that day is a cool piece of history that means something special to them, and will remind them of life as it was when they became husband and wife.

A New Cutting Board for the Kitchen
Bamboo Cutting Board

Have you noticed that mom and dad’s cutting board could use an upgrade? It’s got tons of scratches, stains, and the little legs are coming off. One of the best anniversary gifts for parents you can give is a brand new personalized cutting board. Mom will love having a clean, smooth surface to chop up the ingredients of everyone’s omelets on Sunday mornings. Even dad will love using this handsome bamboo cutting board for preparing steaks for BBQ night. They will especially enjoy the beautiful engraving that you customized just for them!

A Place to Collect the Corks from Bottles of Wine They Share Together
A Shadow Box to Start a Collection on Your Parents Anniversary

Your mom and dad the kind of cute couple that still has their weekly date nights where they have the whole house to themselves, open a bottle of wine, and dance to slow jazz in the living room. This is the absolute perfect anniversary gift for your parents! This adorable shadow box is perfect for them to collect the wine corks of each and every date night. They will love watching the shadow box fill up from this anniversary until the next of the memories of each delicious bottle of wine and the romantic evening of each one.

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